The scientific programme of the conference will include Invited Talks, Oral Presentations, Posters, Panel Discussion and Technical Exhibition. Eminent persons in the field of radiation protection will be honoured by bestowing the following awards.

1) Dr. A.K. Ganguly Memorial Oration Award.

2) Dr. K.G. Vohra Memorial Lecture Award.

3) Shri A. Nagaratnam Memorial Oration Award.

4) Dr. A.K. Ganguly Felicitation Prize.

5) Dr. A.R. Gopal Ayengar Young Scientist Award.

6) Meritorious Radiological Safety Officer Award.

7) Meritorious Operational Health Physicist Award.

8) Dr. P.R. Kamath Radiation Environmentalist Award.

The Oration lectures will be delivered in the Plenary Sessions. In addition to these, there will be best oral paper and
best poster presentation awards, which will be declared during the last session of the conference.
The major scientific thematic areas to be covered at the conference are listed below:

  • Radiation exposure control in nuclear fuel cycle facilities
  • Environmental radioactivity measurements and modeling
  • Radiation detectors & Health Physics instrumentation
  • Internal, external, medical and retrospective dosimetry
  • Epidemiological studies and risk assessment
  • Safety aspects in accelerator facilities & industrial applications of radiation.
  • Radiochemical analysis and computational chemistry
  • Advances in alpha, beta, gamma and mass spectrometric techniques
  • Radionuclides migration in geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere
  • Emerging trends in nuclear security and nuclear forensics
  • Bio-dosimetry and biological effects of radiation
  • Development of systems/assessment of methods for Nuclear & Radiological Emergencies
  • Applications of radiation for societal benefits
  • Meteorological studies and weather forecasting for dispersion modeling
  • Safety in radiopharmaceuticals & medical diagnostics and treatment
  • Radiation standards, metrology and quality assurance
  • Regulatory aspects, standards of radiation protection and guidelines
  • Radiation safety in waste management practices