The scientific programme of the conference will include Invited talks, Proffered
papers, Posters and Panel discussion. There will be plenary session with inauguration of the conference followed by presentations by experts and oral paper presentations and poster presentation.There will be a concluding session with ‘Panel discussion’ by experts on the theme of the conference. The major scientific thematic areas to be covered during the conference are listed below:

  • Radiological safety aspects and exposure control in Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  • External and Internal Dosimetry
  • Radiation Detectors and Instrumentation
  • Development of Phosphors and Material Characterization
  • Safety aspects in Accelerator facilities and Industrial/Medical applications of radiation
  • Environmental Radioactivity Measurements
  • Bio-dosimetry and Medical Exposure Control
  • Epidemiological Studies and Risk Assessment
  • Radionuclide Transfer in Biota and Modelling
  • Radiochemical Separation, Computational Chemistry and Analytical Techniques
  • Emerging Trends in Nuclear Security and Nuclear Forensics
  • Benefits of Radiation in Societal Applications
  • Meteorological studies and Environmental Modelling
  • Safety in Radio-Pharmaceuticals & Medical Diagnostics and Treatment
  • Radiation Standards and Quality Assurance
  • Radiation Safety In Waste Management Practices
  • Regulatory Aspects and Guidelines of National/International bodies
  • Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies