Brief History of IARP

This page is dedicated to the pioneers of Radiation Protection in India.

In 1968 a group of scientists at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre concerned with radiation safety initiated a proposal to set up a professional association to promote safety in the manifold uses of ionizing radiation in the country. The constitution was drafted and adopted and the Association was formed in 1969. The Indian Association for Radiation Protection (IARP) was registered under the Public Trust Act, 1950. The association has a large membership of specialists and users of natural and man made radiation sources from different parts of the country. The association has been guided by eminent scientists in the field. Late Dr. A.R. Gopal Ayengar an internationally renowned radiation biologist was its first President.

The successive past presidents are late Dr. A.K. Ganguly an international authority on radiation physics and also the renowned environmentalist, late Dr. K.G. Vohra, an international authority in environmental pollution, Shri A. Nagaratnam, an authority on radiation protection and Shri M.S.R. Sarma a renowed Reactor Engineer and an authority on Reactor Operation and Safety, Dr. U. C. Mishra an eminent environmentalist and an international authority on instrumentation for detection and measurement of low level radioactivity. Our immediate Past President was Dr. V. Venkat Raj, an authority on Reactor Safety and Radiological Protection.

The Association was admitted in May 1970 as an Associate Society of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). To strengthen the countrywide spread of knowledge in the field of radiation protection, Association has started many new chapters. One chapter currently functioning is at Kalpakkam.