Objectives of IARP

  • To bring about proper awareness of the hazards from ionizing radiations amongst their users in particular and the public in general
  • To encourage adoption of appropriate means for avoiding or reducing radiation exposure in the applications or ionizing radiations and nuclear technology in the country, such as power generation, industry, medicine, agriculture, scientific research etc., thereby maximizing the benefits which are derived out of these applications while minimizing the risks.
  • To facilitate contacts and exchange of information amongst specialists in radiation protection and related disciplines in the country and with their counterparts in other countries.
  • Take appropriate steps to carry out, support and encourage research and development as well as teaching in the various fields relevant to radiation protection.

To fulfill the above aims, the association conducts every year one annual conference. In addition to this it also holds topical meetings and workshops on subjects of current interest related to safety aspects in the applications of ionizing radiations and radioisotopes in various field. It also published the journal “Radiation Protection and environment” and conducts public awareness programmes.