IARP Executive Committee 2020-2021

Elections were held for selection of IARP Executive Committee and Board of Trustees for
the period Jan. 2020 to Dec. 2021. The results of the elections are hereunder
Members for the following posts are elected unopposed:

Dr. M. S. Kulkarni

Dr. M. S. Kulkarni

Vice President

Dr. S. Murali

Dr. S. Murali

Jt Secretary

Board of Trustees

Elections through postal ballot were conducted for the post of Joint Secretory and Member (Executive Committee) and the following are elected through voting.

Joint Secretory

Executive Committee

IARP Executive Committee 2018-2019


Sr No Name Year
1 Dr. B. Venkataraman President
2 Dr. M. S. Kulkarni Vice President
3 Dr. (Ms.) Pramilla D. Sawant Secretary
4 Dr. S. Murali Jt Secretary
5 Dr. A. Vinod Kumar Treasurer
6 Dr. R. B. Oza Member
7 Dr. Palani Selvam Member
8 Dr. Vanadana Pulhani Member
9 Smt.Rupali Pal Member
10 Dr. Santosh Suman Member
11 Shri. S.K.Pawar Member
12 Dr. Venkatraman Member
13 Dr. Haridas G Member
14 Dr. Haridas G Member
15 Dr. Haridas G Member
Managing Trustee
1 Dr. Pradeepkumar K. S. Member
2 Dr. R. M. Tripathi Member
3 Dr. Pushparaja Member
4 Dr. D. A. R. Babu Member