Radiation Protection and Environment

Radiation Protection and Environment is the official journal of the Indian Association for Radiation Protection (IARP). The RPE has seen continuous growth over the last three decades under the editorial leaderships of well-known scientists working in the fields of radiation protection and environmental safety. All the manuscripts received for publication, are peer revived in two stages – by the Editorial Board and by the experts in the respective fields. The journal covers various topics related with radiation protection such as radiation dosimetry, radiation biology, biological dosimetry, operational radiation protection, environmental radioactivity and radon/thoron measurements, development of instrumentation for radiation protection, nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness, radiation protection standards, radiological safety aspects in the application of radiation /radioisotopes in industry, medicine and research.

The submissions can be in the form of original research papers, review articles, technical notes highlighting specific operational radiation protection aspects, letters to the editor, abstracts of /comments on recent ICRP/ICRU/IAEA publications, book reviews and news and information items related to radiation protection and environmental safety. The material for publication can be submitted online through: www.journalonweb.com/rpe.

In general, the proceedings of the national/international conferences/seminars/topical meetings of the IARP are brought out as special issues of the journal and these volumes have been well received by the radiation protection fraternity, universities and libraries.