Dear colleagues,

The Indian Association for Radiation Protection (IARP) in association with Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad is organizing it’s 34th Conference as National Conference (IARPNC-2020) on “Radiation Safety in Nuclear & Core Industries, Health Care and Environment” in Virtual Mode during January 21 – 23, 2021 as a fully Virtual Conference

IARP, a non-governmental organization (NGO) of radiation protection professionals in India, was registered in 1968 under the Public Trust Act, 195. The association has a large membership comprising of specialists and users of natural and man-made radiation sources and technology. The association is an affiliate of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) since May, 1970. IARP has chapters in different regions of the country.

The aims of IARP include bringing about proper awareness of the benefits of ionizing radiation amongst their users in particular and among the public in general. IARP encourages adoption of appropriate means / procedures for avoiding or reducing radiation exposure during the applications of ionizing radiation and radiation technology in the country, such as nuclear power generation, industry, medicine, agriculture, scientific research etc., thereby maximizing the benefits to the society. It provides a forum for the communication and exchange of information amongst specialists in the field of radiation protection and similar field related disciplines in our country and with their counterparts in other countries. IARP Conducts training courses to cater to the requirement of trained human capacity in the industrial applications of radioisotopes in industry and research. IARP periodically publishes an open access web-based quarterly journal: “Journal of Radiation Protection and Environment (RPE)”.

IARP has been serving the national and international scientific community for the past 52 years by organizing international, national and regional conferences and workshops in the field of Radiation Protection and Safety. In nuclear industry, safety is given highest priority at the different stages of nuclear fuel cycle beginning with Site Selection, Design, Fabrication and Erection, Operation and Maintenance and Radioactive Waste Management. Radiological Safety aspects are implemented at each phase using the latest techniques, methodologies and knowhow based on the international / national standards. In the past decade or so, variety of systems and methods have been developed in the field of radiation protection including release of new ICRP publications, AERB guides, development of new radiation detection and processing systems. Development of software solutions for radiation protection programs has also played a key role on radiation safety measures and control on radiation exposure at work places. In view of these developments over the past decade, IARPNC – 2020 is devoted to the conference theme of “Radiation Safety in Nuclear & Core Industries, Healthcare and Environment”. The major scientific

thematic areas to be covered are: Exposure Control at Nuclear and Radiation facilities, Control on discharges of Gaseous and Liquid Effluents, External and Internal Dosimetry techniques, Radioactivity Measurements in Environmental matrices, Development of new phosphors, migration studies of radionuclides, Environmental modelling, Health Physics Instrumentation, Medical Exposure and dosimetry, regulatory guidelines and Radiation Emergency Preparedness. This conference is the forum for all the stakeholders to discuss various issues related to the developments in radiological and environmental safety of nuclear, radiation facilities. Participation of students/research scholars/academicians from universities will enable them to understand the nuclear operations and safety programs of the department and accept the nuclear energy for the future development.

As per the policy of IARP, every alternate conference is organized as National and International conference. Due to the present situation and protocols of government, IARPNC 2020 is planned to be held under Virtual mode. It gives us immense pleasure in inviting you to participate in this virtual IARPNC-2020 conference and look forward to your valuable technical contributions during the conference.

Dr. B. Venkataraman

President, IARP

Dr. M.S. Kulkarni

President, IARP

Dr. Pramilla D. Sawant

Secretary, IARP