About Congress

The Indian Association for Radiation Protection (IARP) is proud to host the International Radiation Protection Association’s (IRPA’s) Regional Congress for first time in India. Asian and Oceanic Congress for Radiation Protection (AOCRP6) will be held during February 07-11,2023 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai, India. The theme of the Congress is “Radiation Protection and Surveillance in Nuclear, Medical, Industrial Facilities and the Environment”. The congress in general, will consist of inaugural session, panel discussion, invited talks, refresher courses, oral and poster presentations. More than 500 delegates including eminent international and national radiation protection professionals are expected to participate in the congress.

About Congress Theme

Radiation safety is given highest priority at different stages of operation in nuclear, medical and industrial applications of radiation technology. Radiological safety aspects are implemented at each phase using the latest techniques and methodologies based on the international/national guidelines. In the past decade or so, variety of systems and methods have been developed in the field of radiation protection and surveillance including release of new ICRP publications. Development of software solutions for radiation protection programs have also played a key role in overall control of radiation exposure at work places. In view of these developments over the past decade, AOCRP6 is devoted to the congress theme of “Radiation Protection and Surveillance in Nuclear, Medical, Industrial Facilities and the Environment”. The major thematic areas to be covered are: Foundation Topics on Radiation Protection Philosophy and Risk Estimates, Radiation Safety and Protection in Nuclear, Medical and Industrial Facilities, Radiation Dosimetry, Nuclear Instrumentation and System Development, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Existing Exposures, Emergency Preparedness and Response, and Regulatory Framework: System of Protection, Standards and Regulation. This congress is a forum for all the stakeholders including researchers and policy makers to discuss various safety issues related to the developments in radiological and environmental safety of nuclear and radiation facilities.